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built environment

URI: mixs.vocab:BuiltEnvironment



MIxS ID Name Multiplicity Description Pattern Info
MIXS:0000009 lat_lon 0..1 The geographical origin of the sample as defined by latitude and longitude. The values should be reported in decimal degrees and in WGS84 system None .
MIXS:0000018 depth 0..1 The vertical distance below local surface, e.g. for sediment or soil samples depth is measured from sediment or soil surface, respectively. Depth can be reported as an interval for subsurface samples. None .
MIXS:0000094 alt 0..1 Altitude is a term used to identify heights of objects such as airplanes, space shuttles, rockets, atmospheric balloons and heights of places such as atmospheric layers and clouds. It is used to measure the height of an object which is above the earth's surface. In this context, the altitude measurement is the vertical distance between the earth's surface above sea level and the sampled position in the air None .
MIXS:0000093 elev 0..1 Elevation of the sampling site is its height above a fixed reference point, most commonly the mean sea level. Elevation is mainly used when referring to points on the earth's surface, while altitude is used for points above the surface, such as an aircraft in flight or a spacecraft in orbit. None .
MIXS:0000113 temp 0..1 Temperature of the sample at the time of sampling. None .
MIXS:0000010 geo_loc_name 0..1 The geographical origin of the sample as defined by the country or sea name followed by specific region name. Country or sea names should be chosen from the INSDC country list (, or the GAZ ontology ( None .
MIXS:0000011 collection_date 0..1 The time of sampling, either as an instance (single point in time) or interval. In case no exact time is available, the date/time can be right truncated i.e. all of these are valid times: 2008-01-23T19:23:10+00:00; 2008-01-23T19:23:10; 2008-01-23; 2008-01; 2008; Except: 2008-01; 2008 all are ISO8601 compliant None .
MIXS:0000012 env_broad_scale 0..1 Report the major environmental system the sample or specimen came from. The system(s) identified should have a coarse spatial grain, to provide the general environmental context of where the sampling was done (e.g. in the desert or a rainforest). We recommend using subclasses of EnvO’s biome class: EnvO documentation about how to use the field: None .
MIXS:0000013 env_local_scale 0..1 Report the entity or entities which are in the sample or specimen’s local vicinity and which you believe have significant causal influences on your sample or specimen. We recommend using EnvO terms which are of smaller spatial grain than your entry for env_broad_scale. Terms, such as anatomical sites, from other OBO Library ontologies which interoperate with EnvO (e.g. UBERON) are accepted in this field. EnvO documentation about how to use the field: None .
MIXS:0000014 env_medium 0..1 Report the environmental material(s) immediately surrounding the sample or specimen at the time of sampling. We recommend using subclasses of 'environmental material' ( EnvO documentation about how to use the field: . Terms from other OBO ontologies are permissible as long as they reference mass/volume nouns (e.g. air, water, blood) and not discrete, countable entities (e.g. a tree, a leaf, a table top). None .
MIXS:0000226 freq_clean 0..1 The number of times the sample location is cleaned. Frequency of cleaning might be on a Daily basis, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Annually. None .
MIXS:0000828 samp_floor 0..1 The floor of the building, where the sampling room is located None .
MIXS:0000758 surf_material 0..1 Surface materials at the point of sampling None .
MIXS:0000808 gender_restroom 0..1 The gender type of the restroom None .
MIXS:0000791 door_mat 0..1 The material the door is composed of None .
MIXS:0000809 handidness 0..1 The handidness of the individual sampled None .
MIXS:0000826 room_connected 0..1 List of rooms connected to the sampling room by a doorway None .
MIXS:0000825 room_type 0..1 The main purpose or activity of the sampling room. A room is any distinguishable space within a structure None .
MIXS:0000816 occup_document 0..1 The type of documentation of occupancy None .
MIXS:0000835 shading_device_type 0..1 The type of shading device None .
MIXS:0000806 floor_struc 0..1 Refers to the structural elements and subfloor upon which the finish flooring is installed None .
MIXS:0000763 indoor_space 1..1 A distinguishable space within a structure, the purpose for which discrete areas of a building is used None .
MIXS:0000797 door_type_wood 0..1 The type of wood door None .
MIXS:0000850 window_cover 0..1 The type of window covering None .
MIXS:0000857 window_vert_pos 0..1 The vertical position of the window on the wall None .
MIXS:0000787 build_docs 0..1 The building design, construction and operation documents None .
MIXS:0000774 arch_struc 0..1 An architectural structure is a human-made, free-standing, immobile outdoor construction None .
MIXS:0000764 indoor_surf 0..1 Type of indoor surface None .
MIXS:0000807 furniture 0..1 The types of furniture present in the sampled room None .
MIXS:0000819 pres_animal_insect 0..1 The type and number of animals or insects present in the sampling space. None .
MIXS:0000784 ceil_type 0..1 The type of ceiling according to the ceiling's appearance or construction None .
MIXS:0000853 window_mat 0..1 The type of material used to finish a window None .
MIXS:0000827 samp_weather 0..1 The weather on the sampling day None .
MIXS:0000855 window_status 0..1 Defines whether the windows were open or closed during environmental testing None .
MIXS:0000796 door_type_metal 0..1 The type of metal door None .
MIXS:0000792 door_move 0..1 The type of movement of the door None .
MIXS:0000794 door_type 0..1 The type of door material None .
MIXS:0000812 heat_sys_deliv_meth 0..1 The method by which the heat is delivered through the system None .
MIXS:0000823 room_loc 0..1 The position of the room within the building None .
MIXS:0000767 substructure_type 0..* The substructure or under building is that largely hidden section of the building which is built off the foundations to the ground floor level None .
MIXS:0000846 wall_texture 0..1 The feel, appearance, or consistency of a wall surface None .
MIXS:0000783 ceil_texture 0..1 The feel, appearance, or consistency of a ceiling surface None .
MIXS:0000788 door_cond 0..1 The phsical condition of the door None .
MIXS:0000831 shading_device_cond 0..1 The physical condition of the shading device at the time of sampling None .
MIXS:0000849 window_cond 0..1 The physical condition of the window at the time of sampling None .
MIXS:0000780 ceil_finish_mat 0..1 The type of material used to finish a ceiling None .
MIXS:0000759 surf_air_cont 0..* Contaminant identified on surface None .
MIXS:0000821 rel_samp_loc 0..1 The sampling location within the train car None .
MIXS:0000839 train_stop_loc 0..1 The train stop collection location None .
MIXS:0000832 shading_device_loc 0..1 The location of the shading device in relation to the built structure None .
MIXS:0000847 water_feat_type 0..1 The type of water feature present within the building being sampled None .
MIXS:0000841 wall_const_type 0..1 The building class of the wall defined by the composition of the building elements and fire-resistance rating. None .
MIXS:0000802 fireplace_type 0..1 A firebox with chimney None .
MIXS:0000789 door_direct 0..1 The direction the door opens None .
MIXS:0000851 window_horiz_pos 0..1 The horizontal position of the window on the wall None .
MIXS:0000795 door_comp_type 0..1 The composite type of the door None .
MIXS:0000805 floor_water_mold 0..1 Signs of the presence of mold or mildew in a room None .
MIXS:0000848 weekday 0..1 The day of the week when sampling occurred None .
MIXS:0000769 light_type 1..* Application of light to achieve some practical or aesthetic effect. Lighting includes the use of both artificial light sources such as lamps and light fixtures, as well as natural illumination by capturing daylight. Can also include absence of light None .
MIXS:0000779 ceil_cond 0..1 The physical condition of the ceiling at the time of sampling; photos or video preferred; use drawings to indicate location of damaged areas None .
MIXS:0000803 floor_cond 0..1 The physical condition of the floor at the time of sampling; photos or video preferred; use drawings to indicate location of damaged areas None .
MIXS:0000813 int_wall_cond 0..1 The physical condition of the wall at the time of sampling; photos or video preferred; use drawings to indicate location of damaged areas None .
MIXS:0000822 room_condt 0..1 The condition of the room at the time of sampling None .
MIXS:0000824 room_samp_pos 0..1 The horizontal sampling position in the room relative to architectural elements None .
MIXS:0000820 quad_pos 0..1 The quadrant position of the sampling room within the building None .
MIXS:0000790 door_loc 0..1 The relative location of the door in the room None .
MIXS:0000810 heat_deliv_loc 0..1 The location of heat delivery within the room None .
MIXS:0000843 wall_loc 0..1 The relative location of the wall within the room None .
MIXS:0000852 window_loc 0..1 The relative location of the window within the room None .
MIXS:0000817 ext_wall_orient 0..1 The orientation of the exterior wall None .
MIXS:0000818 ext_window_orient 0..1 The compass direction the exterior window of the room is facing None .
MIXS:0000761 build_occup_type 1..* The primary function for which a building or discrete part of a building is intended to be used None .
MIXS:0000798 drawings 0..1 The buildings architectural drawings; if design is chosen, indicate phase-conceptual, schematic, design development, and construction documents None .
MIXS:0000836 specific 0..1 The building specifications. If design is chosen, indicate phase: conceptual, schematic, design development, construction documents None .
MIXS:0000845 wall_surf_treatment 0..1 The surface treatment of interior wall None .
MIXS:0000765 filter_type 1..* A device which removes solid particulates or airborne molecular contaminants None .
MIXS:0000840 vis_media 0..1 The building visual media None .
MIXS:0000773 aero_struc 0..1 Aerospace structures typically consist of thin plates with stiffeners for the external surfaces, bulkheads and frames to support the shape and fasteners such as welds, rivets, screws and bolts to hold the components together None .
MIXS:0000842 wall_finish_mat 0..1 The material utilized to finish the outer most layer of the wall None .
MIXS:0000781 ceil_water_mold 0..1 Signs of the presence of mold or mildew on the ceiling None .
MIXS:0000793 door_water_mold 0..1 Signs of the presence of mold or mildew on a door None .
MIXS:0000834 shad_dev_water_mold 0..1 Signs of the presence of mold or mildew on the shading device None .
MIXS:0000844 wall_water_mold 0..1 Signs of the presence of mold or mildew on a wall None .
MIXS:0000854 window_water_mold 0..1 Signs of the presence of mold or mildew on the window. None .
MIXS:0000766 heat_cool_type 1..* Methods of conditioning or heating a room or building None .
MIXS:0000837 train_line 0..1 The subway line name None .
MIXS:0000856 window_type 0..1 The type of windows None .
MIXS:0000838 train_stat_loc 0..1 The train station collection location None .
MIXS:0000830 season_use 0..1 The seasons the space is occupied None .
MIXS:0000815 mech_struc 0..1 mechanical structure: a moving structure None .
MIXS:0000804 floor_finish_mat 0..1 The floor covering type; the finished surface that is walked on None .
MIXS:0000770 space_typ_state 1..1 Customary or normal state of the space None .
MIXS:0000778 built_struc_set 0..1 The characterization of the location of the built structure as high or low human density None .
MIXS:0000768 building_setting 1..1 A location (geography) where a building is set None .
MIXS:0000782 ceil_struc 0..1 The construction format of the ceiling None .
MIXS:0000775 avg_occup 0..1 Daily average occupancy of room. Indicate the number of person(s) daily occupying the sampling room. None .
MIXS:0000217 occup_density_samp 1..1 Average number of occupants at time of sampling per square footage None .
MIXS:0000196 samp_time_out 0..1 The recent and long term history of outside sampling None .
MIXS:0000760 surf_moisture_ph 0..1 ph measurement of surface None .
MIXS:0000771 typ_occup_density 1..1 Customary or normal density of occupants None .
MIXS:0000122 abs_air_humidity 1..1 Actual mass of water vapor - mh20 - present in the air water vapor mixture None .
MIXS:0000124 air_temp 1..1 Temperature of the air at the time of sampling None .
MIXS:0000140 amount_light 0..1 The unit of illuminance and luminous emittance, measuring luminous flux per unit area None .
MIXS:0000141 avg_dew_point 0..1 The average of dew point measures taken at the beginning of every hour over a 24 hour period on the sampling day None .
MIXS:0000142 avg_temp 0..1 The average of temperatures taken at the beginning of every hour over a 24 hour period on the sampling day None .
MIXS:0000145 built_struc_age 0..1 The age of the built structure since construction None .
MIXS:0000097 carb_dioxide 1..1 Carbon dioxide (gas) amount or concentration at the time of sampling None .
MIXS:0000148 ceil_area 0..1 The area of the ceiling space within the room None .
MIXS:0000143 ceil_thermal_mass 0..1 The ability of the ceiling to provide inertia against temperature fluctuations. Generally this means concrete that is exposed. A metal deck that supports a concrete slab will act thermally as long as it is exposed to room air flow None .
MIXS:0000129 dew_point 0..1 The temperature to which a given parcel of humid air must be cooled, at constant barometric pressure, for water vapor to condense into water. None .
MIXS:0000158 door_size 0..1 The size of the door None .
MIXS:0000144 exp_duct 0..1 The amount of exposed ductwork in the room None .
MIXS:0000164 floor_age 0..1 The time period since installment of the carpet or flooring None .
MIXS:0000165 floor_area 0..1 The area of the floor space within the room None .
MIXS:0000166 floor_thermal_mass 0..1 The ability of the floor to provide inertia against temperature fluctuations None .
MIXS:0000167 height_carper_fiber 0..1 The average carpet fiber height in the indoor environment None .
MIXS:0000168 inside_lux 0..1 The recorded value at sampling time (power density) None .
MIXS:0000121 rel_air_humidity 1..1 Partial vapor and air pressure, density of the vapor and air, or by the actual mass of the vapor and air None .
MIXS:0000188 rel_humidity_out 0..1 The recorded outside relative humidity value at the time of sampling None .
MIXS:0000169 room_air_exch_rate 0..1 The rate at which outside air replaces indoor air in a given space None .
MIXS:0000214 specific_humidity 0..1 The mass of water vapour in a unit mass of moist air, usually expressed as grams of vapour per kilogram of air, or, in air conditioning, as grains per pound. None .
MIXS:0000123 surf_humidity 0..1 Surfaces: water activity as a function of air and material moisture None .
MIXS:0000128 surf_moisture 0..1 Water held on a surface None .
MIXS:0000125 surf_temp 0..1 Temperature of the surface at the time of sampling None .
MIXS:0000197 temp_out 0..1 The recorded temperature value at sampling time outside None .
MIXS:0000198 wall_area 0..1 The total area of the sampled room's walls None .
MIXS:0000221 wall_height 0..1 The average height of the walls in the sampled room None .
MIXS:0000222 wall_thermal_mass 0..1 The ability of the wall to provide inertia against temperature fluctuations. Generally this means concrete or concrete block that is either exposed or covered only with paint None .
MIXS:0000223 water_feat_size 0..1 The size of the water feature None .
MIXS:0000224 window_size 0..1 The window's length and width None .
MIXS:0000776 bathroom_count 0..1 The number of bathrooms in the building None .
MIXS:0000777 bedroom_count 0..1 The number of bedrooms in the building None .
MIXS:0000785 cool_syst_id 0..1 The cooling system identifier None .
MIXS:0000799 elevator 0..1 The number of elevators within the built structure None .
MIXS:0000800 escalator 0..1 The number of escalators within the built structure None .
MIXS:0000220 exp_pipe 0..1 The number of exposed pipes in the room None .
MIXS:0000170 ext_door 0..1 The number of exterior doors in the built structure None .
MIXS:0000225 floor_count 0..1 The number of floors in the building, including basements and mechanical penthouse None .
MIXS:0000227 freq_cook 0..1 The number of times a meal is cooked per week None .
MIXS:0000228 hall_count 0..1 The total count of hallways and cooridors in the built structure None .
MIXS:0000833 heat_system_id 0..1 The heating system identifier None .
MIXS:0000229 max_occup 0..1 The maximum amount of people allowed in the indoor environment None .
MIXS:0000231 number_pets 0..1 The number of pets residing in the sampled space None .
MIXS:0000230 number_plants 0..1 The number of plant(s) in the sampling space None .
MIXS:0000232 number_resident 0..1 The number of individuals currently occupying in the sampling location None .
MIXS:0000772 occup_samp 1..1 Number of occupants present at time of sample within the given space None .
MIXS:0000234 room_count 0..1 The total count of rooms in the built structure including all room types None .
MIXS:0000235 room_moist_dam_hist 0..1 The history of moisture damage or mold in the past 12 months. Number of events of moisture damage or mold observed None .
MIXS:0000236 room_occup 0..1 Count of room occupancy at time of sampling None .
MIXS:0000237 room_window_count 0..1 Number of windows in the room None .
MIXS:0000244 samp_room_id 0..1 Sampling room number. This ID should be consistent with the designations on the building floor plans None .
MIXS:0000246 window_open_freq 0..1 The number of times windows are opened per week None .
MIXS:0000193 room_door_dist 0..1 Distance between doors (meters) in the hallway between the sampling room and adjacent rooms None .
MIXS:0000194 room_net_area 0..1 The net floor area of sampling room. Net area excludes wall thicknesses None .
MIXS:0000195 room_vol 0..1 Volume of sampling room None .
MIXS:0000192 room_dim 0..1 The length, width and height of sampling room None .
MIXS:0000218 address 0..1 The street name and building number where the sampling occurred. None .
MIXS:0000829 season 0..1 The season when sampling occurred. Any of the four periods into which the year is divided by the equinoxes and solstices. This field accepts terms listed under season ( None .
MIXS:0000721 built_struc_type 0..1 A physical structure that is a body or assemblage of bodies in space to form a system capable of supporting loads None .
MIXS:0000233 room_architec_elem 0..1 The unique details and component parts that, together, form the architecture of a distinguisahable space within a built structure None .
MIXS:0000216 samp_sort_meth 0..* Method by which samples are sorted; open face filter collecting total suspended particles, prefilter to remove particles larger than X micrometers in diameter, where common values of X would be 10 and 2.5 full size sorting in a cascade impactor. None .
MIXS:0000245 shading_device_mat 0..1 The material the shading device is composed of None .
MIXS:0000756 ventilation_type 1..1 Ventilation system used in the sampled premises None .
MIXS:0000103 organism_count 1..* Total cell count of any organism (or group of organisms) per gram, volume or area of sample, should include name of organism followed by count. The method that was used for the enumeration (e.g. qPCR, atp, mpn, etc.) Should also be provided. (example: total prokaryotes; 3.5e7 cells per ml; qpcr). None .
MIXS:0000219 adj_room 0..1 List of rooms (room number, room name) immediately adjacent to the sampling room None .
MIXS:0000242 room_door_share 0..1 List of room(s) (room number, room name) sharing a door with the sampling room None .
MIXS:0000238 room_hallway 0..1 List of room(s) (room number, room name) located in the same hallway as sampling room None .
MIXS:0000243 room_wall_share 0..1 List of room(s) (room number, room name) sharing a wall with the sampling room None .
MIXS:0000786 date_last_rain 0..1 The date of the last time it rained None .
MIXS:0000814 last_clean 0..1 The last time the floor was cleaned (swept, mopped, vacuumed) None .


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